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Mulshi Farmhouse Pune | Farmhouse near Mulshi - Gharkulagri

Extra Person Charges

For more than 2 people staying in one room, extra person charges are applicable. Full charges for kids (age 10 and above). Charges for a child of the age of 4-9 years will be 50% less. These charges include all meals and an extra bed.

Additional charges for any driver not required.

Payment Cancellation & Re-Scheduling Policy

For booking confirmation, we charge 50% advance payment. This booking is non-refundable and non-reschedulable.

Pet Policy

Pets are allowed in our premises.

Minimum Stay Policy

The rooms must be booked for a minimum stay of 1 night.

Day Packages

We offer day packages for our clients. This will include one of the following meal plans: breakfast + lunch / lunch + high tea / high tea + dinner. The guests are free to use all the common areas of the resort EXCEPT for the swimming pool.

Corporate or Custom Requirements

Please call us at +91 9881025535, 8308309778, 7741882540 or email us at with your requirement. We will be happy to design custom packages for your needs.

Nearby Attractions

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